• We provide empowerment housing and research-based life skills training to teach women how to thrive, not just survive and provide assistance with securing housing, employment, parenting skills, computer skills, personal development and promote the overall quality of life for women and children

  • We provide training programs, support groups, and training to help strengthen, restore and empower women, teams and leaders who are facing life challenges and in transition.

  • We provide Life Essentials training and tools to help women to gain needed skills to be strengthened personally and for ministry.

  • We provide Thriving in Life curriculum to help homeless women to thrive and not just survive in our empowerment housing model: Ann’s House for Women .

  • We serve as an oversight organization for programs, services and businesses dedicated to promoting community growth, social and emotional restoration, self-esteem and empowerment of others.

  • We commission and ordain men and women to serve in and start ministries in traditional and non traditional settings and license them as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.