Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams Founder of Global Growth Ministries with a God-driven passion to assist others in Biblically based training and development, evangelism, business consulting, publication distribution, and providing access to Christian educational materials. With an MBA in Management Information Systems, more than 20 years of progressive business experience and a major emphasis on training management she is equipped her to fulfill the vision of GGM and be dedicated to providing organizations and individuals with the administrative and organizational tools to help conduct business in strength and with professionalism.
During her six-year stay in South Africa as a missionary she was an active member of the presbytery of Shekinah Tabernacle Family Worship Centre located in Rustenburg where she founded the Prophetic Ministry of the Arts (PMA) in 2011. Young leaders emerged through this ministry and became grounded in intimacy with God. As part of Shekinah’s church structure, she was assigned pastoral oversight over a portion of the congregation. As overseer, she trained and developed other pastors and leaders within her jurisdiction. She conducted training courses and camps, and shepherded members of home cells as well as the families associated with the PMA. Equipped as a licensed Spiritual Gifts instructor through Christian International Ministry Network, she also conducted prophetic intercession training and assisted leaders in spiritual gifts development. During the last six months of her stay in South Africa, Evangelist Williams was assigned to pastor the young adult and youth ministries. Specific emphasis was placed on the youth so that leadership could be developed and the ministry could continue upon her departure. During this period, youth membership more than tripled, and leadership emerged to continue the work with both the PMA and the youth. Today both ministries continue to thrive.